Welcome to the Future of Digital Art

Introducing the Web3 TV Bundle: Samsung and Ledger Join Forces

Experience the convergence of cutting-edge display technology and unparalleled security with the all-new Web3 TV Bundle from Samsung and Ledger.

  • Samsung TV: Choose between The Frame’s customizable design or The Sero’s versatile viewing modes, both primed for showcasing your digital art collection.
  • Limited Edition Ledger Nano X: Keep your NFTs safe and secure with this unique, collectable hardware wallet.
  • Exclusive NFT Art by Paul Milinski: Adorn your Samsung TV with stunning, functional artwork by a renowned artist.

Unveiling a New Era for Art Enthusiasts

The Web3 TV Bundle caters to the growing trend of NFT art collection and display. Samsung’s innovative TVs provide the perfect canvas, while Ledger’s industry-leading security ensures your prized possessions are always protected.

Dive Deeper into the Bundle

Samsung TV: Your Digital Art Gallery

The Web3 TV Bundle offers a choice between two Samsung TV models, each catering to different preferences:

  • The Frame: This stylish TV boasts a customizable frame and various size options, transforming your living room into a curated art gallery.
  • The Sero: Enjoy the flexibility of portrait and landscape viewing modes with this 46-inch TV, perfect for showcasing digital art in its entirety.

NFT Gallery App: Seamless Management and Display

Samsung’s user-friendly NFT Gallery app, accessible through the Smart Hub, allows you to effortlessly display your NFT collection on your Samsung TV. Simply connect your Ledger Nano X for secure buying, selling, and trading directly within the app. Additionally, explore NFT collections from Samsung’s esteemed Web3 partners.

Unmatched Security with Ledger Nano X

The Web3 TV Bundle includes a custom Ledger Nano X, designed to provide the highest level of security for your NFTs. This limited edition hardware wallet offers peace of mind, knowing your digital art is safeguarded.

Embrace the Future of Art Collecting

The Web3 TV Bundle presents a groundbreaking opportunity for art enthusiasts to enter the world of NFT collecting. With Samsung’s stunning displays and Ledger’s unparalleled security, you can experience the future of art from the comfort of your home.

Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Visit Ledger’s official website to learn more!

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